Kate Norlander has spent virtually her entire career working for nonprofits. Most of that time has been spent in communication roles, including managing marketing communication projects for several departments at a large university as well as writing for and editing some of the university’s publications. She served on a committee that was responsible for launching a new MBA program at her university. She also has experience in event management and fund-raising.

In addition to her employment with nonprofits, Kate has volunteered in several capacities, including working with youth at her church and serving on a development committee for a charter school. She has hosted occasional anti-slavery chocolate parties in order to spread the word about modern-day slavery.

Kate is the author of one book, Geek Culture.

Her undergraduate degree from Macalester College is in religious studies. She also has a Master of Business Communication degree from the University of St. Thomas.

To see a more detailed résumé, including recommendations and some writing samples, please visit her LinkedIn profile. Visit her marketing portfolio to see some of her recent marketing communication writing.